Enjoying your visit and staying safe!

Your health is very important to us and we at Happy Hens want your visit to be an enjoyable experience for everyone!

However,visiting any farm can never be free from risks. Farm animals, even those that look clean, carry infections that can be harmful to people. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after you have had contact with animals will reduce the risk of infection. You will see signs and posters around our farm reminding you to wash your hands. Please ensure you are familiar with these signs and what they mean. Please also make sure you know where the hand washing facilities are.

Do not use gels or wipes as these do not kill the germs in dirt!

All contact with animals is entirely voluntary and at the discretion of accompanying adults!

E-coli and other harmful bacteria have¬†always been¬†around; the phrase ‘wash your hands before you eat your dinner!’ has also been around for years. Perhaps this is sometimes forgotten in our modern world!